6th Ward meeting/discussion Thu., Oct. 24



Topic: Parks and Recreation
Thu., Oct. 24, 7pm at Three Crowns Center

Please join Daniel Stein, chair of the city's Parks and Recreation Board and 6th Ward resident, city staff and me for a discussion of current issues and priorities for our parks, beaches, and recreation facilities. There will also be an update of Evanston Police Department issues and current Public Works projects in the 6th Ward

6th Ward meetings planned for 2014

Thu., Jan. 23, 2014*
Thu., Apr. 24, 2014*
Thu., Jul. 24, 2014*

Quarterly meetings for the 6th Ward are tentatively scheduled for the above dates. In the feedback I received regarding the Harley Clark hotel proposal were many suggestions for public forums during which I can gather information from residents on current issues facing the ward and the city. Similar to the upcoming Parks and Rec-themed meeting on Oct. 24, these gatherings will focus on a particular area of interest. I hope you will email or call me with suggestions for future topics.

* times and locations to be determined