Noyes / Piven - Thanks! Continued June 3

Huge thanks to all who turned out for the interesting May 6 Human Services Committee meeting regarding the current Noyes-Piven proposal. We are sure the full turnout demonstrated for the Aldermen the concern that exists.

The discussion continues this MONDAY, JUNE 3 (7:30 pm), Civic Center.

If you are interested please consider a brief email to the Aldermen, Mayor and City Manager. Some outstanding questions are:

  • Talmadge Park: What's the plan for Talmadge Park and expanded parking?

  • Sustainability: How, long-term, will Noyes Center be funded if Piven is given rent forgiveness? Couldn't Noyes end up like Harley-Clarke mansion?

  • Cash flow: Why does Piven, a training center with very limited productions, need a $3 million theater, other than for cash flow on rentals? Is it fair to allow a single organization to keep rent from a City property?

Thank you.

Julie Phelan, neighbor