Chocolate Comes to Central Street

On the evening of May 21, 2013 the Evanston Zoning Board of Appeals approved a request for a Type 2 restaurant to be located at 1907 Central.  That is on the North side of Central two doors west of Green Bay.  It is to be called Leonidas Chocolate Cafe.

The owner currently has three locations located in Wilmette and Glenview and I believe wants to close the Wilmette location and move to Central Street.

The business will feature chocolate items but will also have torts, expresso, eclairs, croisants and other pastries, mostly with a French flair.  There will be a sitting area to enjoy these goodies that will be served on actual plates with real silverware and real cups for the coffee/expresso; no paper plates with plastic silverware.

The business plans to open early so that those heading downtown on the train will be able to stop in and get their favorite confection to go.  They will, of course, also be open upon those people returning so that they can pick up some to take home to their respective spousal units/offspring.  This could also be a wonderful peace offering instead of flowers, should the need arise.

Currently they are in the process of renovating the space and should be open in the near future.

So, I for one am going to put this on my watch list and plan to go in and check it out.  It sounds absolutely delicious!


Love the observation about "peace offerings." Does that mean that taking chocolate downtown is disturbing the peace? :)  I bet a choco-proprietor sees much. Mucho chocolada yaya.