Last Day to File Assessor Appeals

Today, March 26, 2012 is the last day to file appeals with the Cook County Assessor's office of the proposed assessments for residential properties in Evanston Township. The Assessor's website states that notices of proposed assessment were mailed in February.
The assessment becomes the basis for the property taxes that are eventually charged against a property. While, with respect to some taxing bodies, rising or falling assessments matter little so long as other properties' rise or fall equally, for some taxing bodies (whose levies are not capped and who charge a flat percentage of assessed value), assessments make a bigger difference. In any event, overassessment means paying more than one's share.
Many if not most Evanston properties received a flat (no change) assessment for the 2012 "first pass" assessment as it was not a reassessment year. However, the appeal process presents an opportunity to correct an assessment you feel is too high. Many properties continue to feel downward pressure in market value, especially in neighborhoods where distressed properties have sold.
The appeal may be filed online even if you do not have all your evidence today. It only takes a few minutes. Make sure you have your Property Identification number (PIN). You then have until April 5 to file additional evidence.
The appeal website, again, is