Christopher Hart, 6th Ward Alderman Candidate

Happy New Year!

Since I filed to run for Alderman in the 6th Ward, I’ve been asked nearly every day—“Why are you running?”

My answer is simple: I’m running to help build and lead a community of value.

A community of value means your opinions are solicited and respected—and not just in times of crisis. I believe deeply that involvement brings connection and personal satisfaction well beyond the routine city services we expect.

Creating a community where individuals and the community itself find value is not an abstract concept to me. I’ve devoted my adult life to the challenge. That challenge guided my efforts when I served as Director of Camp Echo…and the McGaw YMCA.

I’ve led many important local programs and childcare initiatives, working with a cross section of Evanston people to add meaning and value to our everyday lives.

And it is the focus of my professional work today, as I lead a community of practitioners who help companies strengthen their cultures and create healthy and productive work climates.

Let me share with you what I think we need from our Alderman to build this community of value in our 6th Ward.

1. Thoughtful representation – bringing forward issues of importance, inviting diverse opinions and perspectives, and offering a transparent decision-making process

2. Decisive responsibility – knowing what it means to be responsible for a community and taking decisive action to protect everyone’s best interest and ensure needs are met

3. Accountable development – actively protecting your investments by ensuring economic development adds value to the community and abides by planning guidelines

4. Information accessibility – making useful and important public information accessible, easy to find, and simple to understand

We are entering an unprecedented era of scarce resources. We need to work together as a community to build sustainable solutions.

I believe I have the experience and the knowledge to lead that process. And that is why I have decided to enter this election. I hope you’ll support me, and join with me to continue building on our strengths and create a genuine, and involved community of value.

Christopher Hart