Biss Pension Forum Tonight @ NEW LOCATION

State Rep. Daniel Biss (D.-18, Evanston) is hosting a forum tonight about governmental pensions with the title "The Long Road to Pension Reform: What is 'Cost Shift' and Why does it Matter?" SPOILER ALERT
: It matters because shifting pension costs from the state to local school districts will put pressure on local districts either to reduce payroll or other expenses, or raise taxes, but not making that shift lets districts continue to be unaccountable for benefits and makes it difficult for the state to solve the pension crisis. This "shift" proposed by the Quinn administration is to date one of the major obstacles to the Legislature agreeing on a bill.
The forum has changed locations a couple times, and at last word will be held at 7pm, TONIGHT, Thursday Aug. 16, at Temple Beth Israel, 3601 W. Dempster, Skokie.
Invited panelists are to include 

Erika Lindley, the Executive Director of ED-RED, a consortium of suburban school districts; Dick Ingram, the Executive Director of the Teachers' Retirement System; and Louis Kosiba, Executive Director of the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund.