Greenbay Road Renovations -Thurs. Feb 20th 7:00 Ecology Center

From Eleanors Ward Page. Please come and bring yout thoughts. It has been a good process so far.

Green Bay Road Improvement Project

Work is underway to develop a project proposal to improve the safety for all modes of transportation along the Green Bay Road corridor between McCormick Boulevard and Isabella Street. An initial public meeting was held on December 11 to provide an overview of the project and solicit community input.

Consultants with Kimley Horn are working on a revised project proposal based on this input. The revised proposal will be presented at a second community meeting on February 20, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., at the Evanston Ecology Center.

A webpage with information about the project, including the presentation from the December 11 community meeting, is available here.

CSNA Annual Meeting & Election & Meet the Judicial Candidates

Dear Neighbors,

Please join us for our 2020 Annual Meeting 7:00 PM at Three Crowns Park 2323 McDaniel Ave. Evanston.  The beginning of the meeting (15 min.) will be devoted to the election of members of the CSNA Board. The sample ballot can be found here.

After the election there will be an opportunity to meet several of the judicial candidates running for vacancies on the Cook County Circuit Court.  The March 17 Presidential Primary Election will include these candidates.  Those who have accepted our invitation include two candidates running in the 9th Subcircuit:

Running for Cook County Circuit Judge in the 9th Subcircuit -

Axelrood vacancy:

Luckman vacancy:

Also accepting our invitation are four candidates running for Cook County Circuit Judge County-Wide:

  • Jennifer Callahan (Mason vacancy)
    • Present Duties: Attorney in Private Practice
  • Heather Kent (O'Brien vacancy)
    • Present Duties: Attorney with the Cook County State's Attorney's Office
  • Susan McEneely (Larsen vacancy)
    • Present Duties: Attorney with the Cook County Public Defender's Office
  • Elizabeth Ryan (Coughlan vacancy)
    • Present Duties: Attorney in Private Practice

Each candidate name above links to their webpage. Additional judicial election resources are available at:

We hope you take advantage of this opportunity.  Media coverage of these races is the exception.  CSNA is committed to providing resources for informed neighbors and voters.

Please also take this opportunity to join/rejoin CSNA for 2020.  You can either:

  • Send us an email with your address and we will mail a sign-up envelope. To:
  • Go to our on-line membership sign-up form.
  • Send a check to CSNA, P.O. Box 7050, Evanston, IL 60204-7050. Please include your name, postal and email addresses so we can send you meeting notices and updates.

Our Annual Renewal Letter provides details of our projects in 2019 and our ongoing efforts in 2020.

See you at Three Crowns (Doors open at 6:30 PM),

Meeting Wed. 12/11 7:00 PM to discuss Green Bay Corridor plans

On October 14, 2019 the Evanston City Council approved a contract award in the amount of $327,671 to Kimley Horn for planning and engineering services to develop a plan for the Green Bay Road Corridor from McCormick Blvd. north to Isabella St. in Evanston. This project will be funded from the City’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) 2019 General Obligation Bonds

The city subsequently published the following flyer to announce a public meeting at the Evanston Ecology Center at 7:00 PM on December 11 to inform and gather input on the project:







Pages 5 & 6 of the RFQ 19-44 contain the scope of the project.

The awarded bid details can be found here on the City's Bids & Proposals page.

Friends of Lovelace Park

In an effort to maintain and improve our neighborhood park, area residents recently formed THE FRIENDS OF LOVELACE PARK.

The Friends of Lovelace Park's first adventure will be… drumroll… tree mulching!!

Mulching will take place on Tuesday, November 12th and Wednesday, November 13th from 9:30 to 11:30 AM. We’d love for you to join us! 

For all the details or to sign up for updates, please visit our website at

Our Mission Statement

We are a group of neighbors living near and enjoying this wonderful recreational resource. We are committed to enhancing the park and assisting the City’s Maintenance Crew by volunteering for the following tasks:

  • Mulching the trees.
  • Working with City Crew when planting new trees to select the proper spots.
  • Establishing a pollinator garden to attract butterflies, bees, and other pollinators (Spring 2020).
  • Collaborating with other organizations in collecting litter and debris.
  • Offering our services when needed or requested by City Crew.

Stop NU Preferential Zoning Treatment MONDAY Oct 28 6:45 Civic Center-

Come to the Civic Center-Monday  the 28th and support neighborhors. The Plan & Development Committee will hear arguments for and against a zoning change which would overturn 50 years of council and Illinois Supreme Court decisions denying  NU permission to  change use in the Unviersity Athletic District to allow commerical events. The U-2 district is  a nonprofit tax exempt district and the athletic facilities were allowed to be built in the middle of residential neighborhoods provided the uses were amatuer, non profit .

Alderpeople Revelle  (7th) and Sufferdin (6th) both oppose the change.



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