Central and Green Bay circa 1945


It's late in the afternoon. The shadows are directly from the west and the sun is still high. So it is probably late June or early July. The commuters are coming home, many wearing straw hats. Children wait for fathers and look at the train on the platform. The bus signboards say "North Evanston" and "Glenview-Northbrook." The train engine is # 1524. The sign on the bridge says "Chicago and Northwestern System - Pioneer Railroad of Chicago and the West - Since 1848." The sign in the intersection says "No Left Turn" (wonder how that worked?). The cars are all from the 1940's.

Stadium Theatre March 1937


The Stadium eventually became Evanston I. It was torn down in 2007 to make way for the Eastwood Condominium project. The project has been extended while the developers negotiate the current market downturn.

Central looking west from Green Bay circa 1910


Central & Green Bay circa 1910. The Chase Bank building replaced the building on the left (south). The building that today houses Maya Papaya is on the right (north). Note the stairs from the sidewalk to the street. They are still there today. Also, there are trolley tracks on Central. A trolley ran on Central from 1897 to 1935. It's cars were called "Dinkys" and "Toonerville Trolleys" by the residents. Since there are no overhead wires the tolley cars were probably horse-drawn. Find out more at: Trainweb

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