Fox Seen Shopping

At 9:05 pm Monday, 7/21 Margi and I were leaving the Office Depot parking lot on Jenks. A Red Fox passed us going East at a good gait. He looked both ways, crossed Green Bay Rd., vaulted the wall and climbed the embankment toward the railroad tracks. He was gone in five seconds. I don't know who was more startled.


How do you know he was shopping?

Because I read "Eats, Shoots & Leaves". opposed to a "spotted fox." Seriously, yesterday, as Nancy and I turned onto Harrison from Ewing, I had to brake as what we initially thought was a dog, but quickly realized was a large northern red fox, crossed the street in front of us. I got out and tried to snap a pic with my phone but between trying to get to the camera app, follow the fox, and shoot, was unsuccessful. He (or she) trotted into one yard's hedges, came back out, continued to walk/trot along the bushes and plants of several houses, obviously aware of me but not running away, more intent on the hunt or exploration than on some would-be photographer. I maintained visual for about a minute until he disappeared either down the alley or onto Lincoln, around a garage.
From the size -- I'd estimate 20 lb. or more, maybe 3' nose to tail tip -- I believe it was a male. I've never seen one so big (nor so close except in captivity). He had a healthy-looking brownish-orange coat, with a whiter underbelly and darker legs, and of course the lovely pointed ears. It was a breathtaking encounter with a strikingly poised and graceful creature.