Your chance to comment on current issues...

CSNA urges residents to comment on three current issues in our community:

1. Breakwater structures (comment by Dec. 11)

The resident at 2715 Sheridan Road has filed an application to construct breakwater structures extending 125 feet into Lake Michigan. This application is pending before the Army Corps of Engineers and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (DNR). You can find the DNR Public Notice and the application at this link.

The DNR Public Notice  notice states: "Inquiries and requests to review the plans may be directed to Jim Casey of the Chicago office at (312) 793-5947 or"

The deadline for comments has been extended to Friday, December 11, 2015.

CSNA has not taken a position, but generally opposes private use of the public waterways and Lake Michigan. It should be noted that an earlier application for a similar structure at this address was not approved about ten years ago.

2. Harley Clarke

CSNA and many other groups have been reviewing proposals for the future of the Harley Clarke property at Lighthouse Beach. The City Council postponed further consideration of options pending passage of a state budget.  You should contact your Alderman and the Mayor to voice your position on the proposals that are now pending. One proposal calls for keeping the mansion as a City asset and maintaining it for public use. You can find more at the City website and reviewing minutes of Council meetings.  You can also learn about the nonprofit Evanston Lakehouse and Gardens that has been formed to lease the property and maintain for public use. You can read news articles at the Evanston Roundtable website.

CSNA is on record opposing privatization of the public space.


Contacts are:

Evanston Wards: Map
6th Ward Alderman: Mark Tendam
7th Ward Alderman: Jane Grover
Mayor: Elizabeth Tisdahl

3. Outdoor café at 10 Mile House

Ten Mile House at 1700 Central Street has applied for an outdoor patio seating along Eastwood  Avenue. This application needs to move ahead through committee before going to council. See item #3 from the minutes of the October 14 Design and Project Review Committee (DAPR) meeting.  This also requires zoning approval (Zoning Board of Appeals) and the process is now pending. The plan is for paving of the parkway for tables for diners.

The City of Evanston Staff member responsible for the DAPR Meetings is Damir Latinovic:

Damir Latinovic
Planning and Zoning Division
Phone: 847-448-8675

The Chair of the DAPR is City of Evanston Director of Community Development, Mark E. Muenzer:

Mark Muenzer
Director, Community Development
Phone: 847-448-4311

Comments on any issue can also be sent to CSNA at:

Or you can use the public comment form here below.





Those who enjoy walking along the public lakefront will find their progress obstructed. Swimmers and paddlers will be subjected to hazardous conditions due to structurally controlled riptides. Please send objection comments to the IDNR. 

These massive rock and steel structures will promote invasive species and damage down drift public and private properties.  Please also send comments to the US Army Corps of Engineers ( In order for them to accept your comments, please provide your full name and address. 


This proposed project is very detailed.  To understand its impact to the Evanston residents and our shoreline, check out our facebook page at