Jane Grover on extensions for 1700-1722 Central Street

On her answers to the CSNA questionnaire, Jane Grover stated that she supported further extensions of time for the developer of 1700-1722 Central Street.  I was curious to know why, so I asked her.  This was her response: 
 Thanks for asking.  I'm glad to hear from you.
 I'm certain that I answered the CSNA question about the extension of time for the 1700-1722 Central Street developer to obtain a building permit to mean the two-year extension just requested.   I don't remember when I filled out the CSNA questionnaire, but it was close to the time that developer's request for an extension was approved by the Council.  Or maybe I misread the question. 
 I do not prospectively support yet another extension of the permit time without more information about the viability of the proposed project when this extension expires, the state of the Evanston condominium market, and the implications of the Central Street Plan for the rest of Central Street, among other things.  Even two more years seems too long for that block to remain vacant (and minimally tax revenue-generating).  But I can still hope that the downturn in the economy might produce a development at 1700-1722 Central that we can all like. 
 I would be happy to talk with you more about this issue. 
FYI, I'd copied Jeff on my e-mail to Jane, asking the question.  He responded to Jane's response, raising some valid points about we taxpayers not being particularly happy to keep subsidizing the poor choices some developers made before the economy soured.  I'd make the further point that the project currently slated for the 1700-1722 spot does not comport with the Central Street Plan on which we spent so much time, so I REALLY don't want to keep subsidizing it.