1/14/08: City Council Grants Extension for 1700 Central Project

After some discussion the Planning and Development Committee and the full Council granted a 13 month extension for Eastwood of Evanston LLC to obtain a permit and complete the project at 1700 Central the former site of the Evanston I/II Theaters. The developer, Eastwood of Evanston LLC will now have until April 5, 2009 to obtain a building permit and until April 5, 2010 to complete the project. The developer's letter requesting the extension cited current market conditions.

Several conditions were attached to the extension:

1. If construction has not begun by May 1, 2008 the construction fence around the perimeter of the property must be removed by May 15, 2008. The construction fence will be replaced when a building permit is obtained and no work may commence until the fence has been installed and approved by the city.

2. The lot will be graded and seeded by May 15, 2008.

3. The lot will be checked and cleaned on a weekly basis for litter, fly dumping etc.

4. The grass on the lot will be mowed weekly

5. Parking of vehicles and equipment on the lot during this period is prohibited.

6. Snow will be removed from the sidewalk.

The Director of Planning was given authority to extend the May 15 date up to one month pending a change in circumstance presented by the developer.