Who We Are

Central Street Neighbors Association (CSNA) is a non-profit membership group formed to promote and preserve the vitality and quality of life of the Central Street Neighborhood in Evanston, Illinois.

The Central Street Neighborhood

The "Central Street Neighborhood" extends to the Evanston city limits on the north and west, the lakefront on the east, and on the south, Golf-Emerson Rd. and McCormick Blvd. (west of Green Bay) and Noyes (east of Green Bay). Residents of the Neighborhood may join CSNA as voting members; supporters who live outside the Neighborhood boundaries may join CSNA as Associate members. Click here to join CSNA!

CSNA's Purpose and Core Beliefs

CSNA's purpose is to promote the social welfare of the Central Street Neighborhood and, secondarily, the larger Evanston community within which the Neighborhood thrives and with whom it interacts. CSNA believes in:

• Fostering a closer community of neighbors;

• Preserving the unique character, amenities, and ecology of the Neighborhood;

• Educating the larger community about the Neighborhood;

• Fostering a housing mix that is affordable for a diverse population;

• Preserving and developing natural green spaces, including but not limited to parks, trees, and appropriate landscaping;

• Preserving the viability and human scale of the Neighborhood business districts;

• Restoring and improving the Neighborhood by accentuating and amplifying its unique character and strengths; and

• Promoting livability and sustainability.

What Does CSNA Do?

To accomplish its purpose, CSNA will:

• Collect, publish, and serve as a clearinghouse for data and information about and concerning the Neighborhood;

• Facilitate the education of people who live in the Neighborhood and in the larger community on historic, sociological, demographic, environmental, and other aspects of issues concerning the Neighborhood;

• Provide a voice and forum for Neighborhood residents;

• Act as a liaison to governmental bodies, institutions, schools, businesses, prospective businesses and investors, and other Evanston community groups and neighborhood associations;

• Encourage and facilitate an active citizen awareness of and participation in decisionmaking on all issues concerning the Neighborhood and its facilities and amenities, including land use and development, zoning changes, environmental policy, traffic patterns and safety, mass transit, bicycle and pedestrian accessibility, and public improvements; and

• Work in collaboration with existing neighborhood, community, environmental, arts, and preservation groups to promote and preserve Neighborhood aspects and facilities which contribute substantially to the quality of life in the Neighborhood, including but not limited to its architecture, arts, ecology, and social vitality.


Officers and Directors 2020-2021

President:           Jeff Smith

Vice President:   

Treasurer:            Joe Hill

Past President:    Megan Lutz (non-voting)


  • Carl Bova
  • Connie Heneghan
  • Jim Hughes
  • Mary Rosinski
  • MaryLou Smith
  • David Staub

Membership Committee

  • Marge Anderson
  • Margi Hughes






Success Stories

This page still under construction.

• Central Street Master Plan Zoning Implementation

CSNA in the News

CSNA July 4, 2007

CSNA.. .ready to march July 4, 2007


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