Community alert

The following was sent out by Officer Loyce Spells of the Evanston Police Dept. Please read and pass it along. Thanks. --Mark
Good Afternoon,
The 6th Ward has experienced three (3) Confidence Scams over the past 30 days. These scams are typically referred to as ‘Gypsy Scams’ and involve multiple subjects who present trumped up stories which would cause one of them to distract a victim while another subject enters your home to steal small/loose items (normally money, jewelry, and electronics).
Schemes from repairs that need to be made to your home to reporting that they reside in the area but are locked out of their home (which is a recent incident in the 6th Ward). Please spread the word throughout your group, block, community, and ward NOT to ever allow someone in your home and report any and all suspicious subjects/vehicles.
Officer Loyce Spells