Water Wars Film Tonight in Wilmette

Go Green Wilmette is sponsoring two showings, today and tonight, of the award-winning film Blue Gold: World Water Wars, at the Wilmette Library, 1242 Wilmette Avenue. The documentary by Sam Bozzo has been compared to Inconvenient Truth by the Toronto Star and called "a must see film for every person on the planet" by the website greenmuze.com.
A flyer for the 100-min. film states that "water is increasingly being treated as a commodity" and that people are losing their right to it within their own countries. The movie attempts to answer questions of whether there is a water crisis, whether or water is safe (whether bottled or tap), and whether water supply should be privatized (as was floated for Lake Michigan water recently).
Water supply, of course, played a key part in the development of Evanston and Wilmette. Wilmette almost became part of Evanston because of the latter's earlier establishment of a lake pumping station.
Showings are at 7pm tonight and 1 pm this afternoon.