Increase in police tactical operations for 6th Ward homes

There will be an increase in police tactical operations to combat the recent surge in residential burglaries in the 6th Ward. According to Officer Loyce Spells, EPD, this will include "covert activity for apprehension and suppression objectives, which means that you might not see the police but that doesn't mean that there not at work."

Several homes have seen attempted burglaries and a couple have been successful. There has been an increase of entries by force, typically a crowbar used to pry open a window or door. Check the exterior of your house for any evidence of tampering.

Please be diligent about locking doors and windows, using security alarms, lighting dark areas (especially in the back of your house) and keeping a look out for your neighbor's property as well. Call the Evanston Police Department with concerns about unusual or suspicious activity.

Non-emergency:  847 866-5000

Emergency:  9-1-1