Bam! Pow! Comic Book Show-and-Tell at Library 10/14

Once upon a time, the only way comic books got into the classroom was to be snuck there, to be read furtively behind propped-up textbooks so the teacher couldn't see. Not that I'm saying I ever did that, mind you.
But now our colorful, pulpy heroes are considered worthy of academic study. Or at least that's the excuse. On Thurs., Oct. 14,
Northwestern University Manuscript Librarians Benn Joseph and Jason Nargis will present From the Heroic to the Depraved: Northwestern's Mainstream and Underground Comics, a history and virtual tour of the impressive 25,000-item comic book archive housed at NU's McCormick Library of Special Collections.
Some might say that this is a fancy way of saying "Come look at our awesome comic book collection!" I had a friend who used to say the same thing, only his collection was housed in a 55-gallon drum that he'd dump out on his garage floor so we could spend an afternoon of bliss. This more erudite "discussion" will take place at 7 pm in in the Community Meeting Room of the Main Branch of the Evanston Public Library, downtown (at Church and Orrington). Costumes optional.