Community Animal Control Notice

Please be advised that a feral cat colony has been identified at a specific address located in the 1900 block of Grant St. The Evanston Animal Control Bureau will be conducting an on-going animal control abatement process, focusing on the feral cat population at this address. The propensity does exist for area domestic cats to wander onto this property.

In efforts to further safeguard the area’s domestic cat population, the City of Evanston will be canvassing the target area(s) and distributing flyers advising neighbors of this on- going capture and abatement process. It should be noted that all capture efforts will be confined to the target property in question unless public safety issues dictate additional action.
It is suggested that the owners of domestic cats in this area be extra vigilant and know the whereabouts of their animals and place collars on their cats detailing the appropriate owner information. Micro-chipping also presents an excellent way for animals to be identified and returned to their owner.
For further information or concerns, contact Evanston Police Department’s Animal Control Bureau at 847/866-5080 (or 5081).