Thurs. Jan 21st 7-9 Public Forum on Libraries and the Budget


Dear Neighbor:
Central Street Neighbors Invites you to attend an Evanston Public Forum on
Branch Libraries and the Budget
Please come to an informational forum    Thursday Jan. 21 at the Ecology Center,2024 Mc Cormick, Evanston  7-9 pm
Evanston is in the process of the budget workshops and cuts which will be finalized in February.  Many of you may know the branch libraries are slated to be closed as of March 1st.  Pink slips have been sent out.
The cost to keep the branch libraries open is less than (1/2) of 1% of the entire $84,000,000 budget.  CSNA has taken the position the libraries are an important component, economically and socially for the neighborhoods.
We apologize for the short notice.  
The Central Street Neighbors Association Board of Directors meton January 12 and discussed the current City of Evanston budget issue. 
On behalf of the members the CSNA board voted to recognize the contribution the North Branch Library has made to community life in the Central Street neighborhood since its inception.  Understanding that the role of the library is evolving and that the branch services are in many ways unique, and that this service has grown in demand with the downturn of the economy, the board unanimously supports keeping the Central Street and South Evanston branch libraries open and finding a way to extend library services to fill the unmet needs of the West side.