Additional information for the Dec. 8 meeting with Evanston Police

The meeting on Tuesday evening is intended to encourage residents to form neighborhood watch groups and to let them know the importance of working with the Evanston Police force. This will be the 4th 6th Ward meeting with representatives from the Evanston Police force and our beat cop, Officer Loyce Spells speaking.

Officer Loyce Spells has been making contacts by way of emails and door-to-door --starting in the areas hit hardest by recent burglaries.

Chief Eddington will be at the meeting to discuss any questions you have about current and future operations in the neighborhood.

The meeting has been publicized by emails, Lincolnwood School Superstar, my blog, 6th Ward Facebook, Central Street Neighbors Association web page, Chris hart and Mark Sloane. If you have others contacts or other lists please send the information along.