Evanston Youth Council Applications - via Eb Moran

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Subject: Evanston Youth Council


The City of Evanston Youth Engagement Initiative/Division is once again seeking applicants for the Evanston Youth Council. We are seeking dedicated youth of high school age who want to represent the young people of Evanston. Please pass this information along to any young person who is interested in becoming a leader. Applicants can apply online at www.evanstonteens.com or they can fill out the attached application. For more information on the Evanston Youth Council, please refer to the document entitled EVANSTON YOUTH COUNCIL.

Applicants must:

' Be Evanston residents, or Skokie residents that attend ETHS.

' Be high school students, ages 14-19

' Be dedicated to creating positive change in Evanston.

' Commit to attending the EYC retreat, bi-monthly meetings, and other meetings as deemed necessary

The application deadline is September 26, 2008. Thank you for helping spread the word about the Evanston Youth Council.

Sol Anderson, Youth Coordinator

City of Evanston City Manager's Office

2100 Ridge Avenue, Evanston, Illinois 60201

847-448-8049 (phone) 847-448-8083 (fax)




What is a Youth Council?

A Youth Council is an opportunity for young people to have an active role in addressing issues that affect the youth. The Youth Council also will strive to foster a working partnership between the Evanston City Council and City Staff by providing a much needed youth voice on all issues of the community. Additionally, the Youth Council will take on various projects during the year such as organizing a Youth Summit, conducting youth surveys, participating in community service projects, and sponsoring social events for Evanston youth.

Who Should Apply to the Youth Council?

Evanston high school-aged youth between the ages of 14-19 who have an interest in:
• Working with peers to develop a better community for young people
• Representing a youth perspective to City Council and Staff
• Identifying major issues, challenges and solutions concerning youth
• Learning leadership and advocacy skills in order to bring about change in the community
* Skokie residents who attend ETHS may also apply

What is the Selection Process for the Youth Council?

Those interested in becoming members of the Evanston Youth Council will be required to fill out an application and sign up for a group interview. The application consists of contact information, parental consent, a letter of recommendation and 4 short answer questions. The interview will be conducted by a representative from the Local Area Network, the Youth Coordinator and a representative from Evanston Township High School. Based on an established selection criterion, two youth from each ward will be selected to serve as members of the Youth Council.

What is the Time Commitment for the Youth Council?
Appointed members serve one year term and are required to attend one weekend retreat and bimonthly meetings throughout the course of the year. Additional time will be required for subcommittee and service projects as needed.

For more information or to apply for the Evanston Youth Council please visit www.evanstonteens.com, contact Sol Anderson (Youth Coordinator, 847.448.8049 or youth@cityofevanston.org), or talk to you Alderman.