July 17 Meeting on Govern (FKA Peter Jans) Golf Course

Those of us near the golf course received a notice this week about a meeting to be held on Thurs., July 17th at 7 p.m. at the American Legion Hall on Central Street with Ald. Tisdahl and golf course officials to seek input on their proposal to permit parking on the golf course during NU football games. Clearly this is a financial consideration.

They propose that cars be permitted to park on two hole areas that they say "are not near any of your [our] homes." They say this will be positive for us with fewer cars on our streets for games. The areas they wish to use are at Hole #9 - south of Isabella and west of the Canal and Hole #18 West of the CTA tracks and east of the canal between Central and Lincoln.

They need funds for maintenance, that is a given. They sure are not doing a good job of maintenance - at least along the sidewalks and fence (litter abounds, weeds and trees are growing over the sidewalk, etc.). They say that they will hire off duty police, not permit tailgating, have portapotties on site, will clean up within 24 hours, etc. Ald. Tisdahl will be present at the meeting.

I moved here 5 years ago. All I heard were horror stories about the cars on the golf course and the mess, noise, drinking, etc. of the past. I think it's been fine since I moved in. Most attendees are bused in and park on campus. Many take the L and Metra.

This is a tough one because it will need policing, and funds raised will help keep our neighborhood green and it will help youth in Evanston (the Junior Golf Program). I think the cars can ruin the golf course.

Neighbors should attend. I cannot be at the meeting, but will try to get some of my neighbors to attend. We need to learn more - traffic volumne, number of cars coming and and out, etc. and get a real commitment that this will not be a negative for us. Or our city.
Debbie Weixl