RoundTable Survey Request

The Evanston RoundTable has asked that we pass along the following survey:



To prepare for the relaunch of the Evanston RoundTable newspaper, the Roundtable is conducting a short survey.

The RoundTable recently transitioned to a nonprofit organization to better serve its mission assuring that Evanston maintains an authoritative, independent journalistic voice that can hold accountable our elected officials and government, and keep us informed on the social and cultural life of the community.

The RoundTable has just launched an online survey of local reader habits. We want to hear from current readers of the RoundTable, as well as former readers and people who never read the paper at all.

The survey is short and no personal information will be collected.

Would you please consider forwarding this survey to the CSNA?

Thanks in advance for your help - and here’s a link to the survey: