CSNA votes to oppose proposed easement on Canal Shores Golf Course

The Board of CSNA voted to support Canal Shores Golf Course and neighbors in an effort to oppose a proposed roadway through the golf course to access private property. A letter is being prepared to be sent to the Commissioners of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) which owns the land on which the golf course operates.

In 2016, the Keefe Family Trust (the Trust) proposed a road through Isabella Woods in Evanston to access property it owns in Wilmette. Both the MWRD which owns the land and the City of Evanston voted unanimously to oppose the roadway.

Now the Trust has developed a proposal for a road through the golf course, off Maple Avenue in Wilmette through the 10th hole.

On behalf of the Trust, the Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways (Cook County) is requesting the easement from the MWRD.  Canal Shores Board voted unanimously to adamantly oppose the roadway. The Wilmette Park District, which leases the land from MWRD will hold a public meeting on October 10 at which time this proposal will be discussed. The MWRD is expected to consider the request at its meeting on October 18.

A significant portion of Canal Shores’ 10th hole is in danger of being paved over for the benefit of the Keefe Family Trust associated with real estate developer, Dick Keefe Development Corporation.

The Trust is being assisted by Springfield politician and attorney John Cullerton, who is president of the Illinois Senate. The easement involves the use of public land for the benefit of a private landowner.

In addition to destroying the 10th hole tee area and much of the fairway, the easement would permanently harm Canal Shores’ most ecologically sensitive area, which includes multiple century-old oak trees and three wetlands. One of the wetlands would be paved over.  The other two wetlands would be negatively affected. This easement would also greatly harm one of the most aesthetic holes at Canal Shores and reduce valuable green space.

The roadway would also have a negative impact on homes nearby - with traffic and possible flooding.

The requested easement would be approximately 60’ wide x 300’ long and used to access a parcel that the Trust owns.  The parcel lies north of Isabella in Evanston and south of Maple Ave. in Wilmette just on the east side of the CTA tracks.  

If you oppose the use of public land for private benefit, impairment of an entire golf hole, or destruction of important ecological areas, please take prompt action on behalf of Canal Shores. You can learn more at www.canalshores.org/dontpave10.

Click "Read more" below to read the CSNA letter to the Wilmette Park District and Metropolitan Water Reclamation District.