Central Street Bridge Update

On September 14 the City's Public Works Department and Ald. Eleanor Revelle hosted a meeting at the Legion Hall to provide updates on the planning for the reconstruction of the bridge - slated for 2019-20. The meeting was held to address property that will be included in the final plan and land that will be used as part of the construction zone for staging of equipment and materials during construction. Land north and south of the bridge on the Canal Shores Golf Course will be used for this. During construction, traffic and partking on Central will be restricted to accomodate the project.

This link provides information posted by the City and the latest map of the project.

After the meeting, due to concerns expresssed by residents of the Sissilla Condominiums west of the channel and representatives of the Golf Course met for a walk around on Sept. 19. Sat Nagar, Paul Schneider and Eleanor Revelle convened the walk through - with construction areas staked out. As a result of concerns expressed, the City has moved back some of the staging area west of the channel, and will use more land at the practice greens of the golf course near the parking lot. Other options are under discussion and possible modifications. All residents are encouraged to submit written comments to the City.

Land at the golf course will be restored after construction.