Canal Shores Golf Course has received a generous donation from The Garden Club of Evanston for the development of its Ecological Master Plan. The $6,000 donation helps ensure that the Evanston Wilmette Golf Course Association, which oversees the course, can develop a robust plan that will serve the course and the community into the future with a focus on protecting and preserving the natural environment and its ecosystem.


Golf Association President Chris Carey said, “It is truly an honor to receive the support of The Garden Club of Evanston. I was personally delighted when I got the news. This donation will help Canal Shores continue our mission of restoring this special green space along the North Shore Channel consistent with best practices for nurturing a sustainable ecosystem as we continue to work to enhance the golf course property for multiple recreational activities and community enjoyment.”


The Garden Club of Evanston’s President Fern Allison said, “The Garden Club of Evanston is impressed by Canal Shores’ efforts and commitment to protecting the habitat and ecological health of the golf course and ensuring that this unique property will continue serving our community into the next 100 years. The golf course association is providing valuable stewardship of the property’s planted environment, consistent with our goals.”


The mission of The Garden Club of Evanston includes aiding in the protection of native plants and birds and encouraging civic planting. Among the cooperative projects undertaken to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2015 are the creation of an arboretum on the grounds of Evanston Township High School and the renovation of the Shakespeare Garden at Northwestern University. More information on The Garden Club of Evanston can be found at its website,


Members of the community are encouraged to participate in meetings around the course to learn about the plan and efforts underway at Canal Shores and to visit the course to see first-hand some of the changes underway, including removal of buckthorn and other invasive plants as well as the creation of two small native plant areas – all done through the effort of dedicated volunteers. Learn more about efforts at Canal Shores at this link.