Harley Clarke Planning Committee Meeting Thursday, Jan. 19, 2017

Harley Clarke Planning Committee Meeting
Thursday, January 19, 2017; 6:00 pm.
Lorraine H. Morton Center, 2100 Ridge Ave., Room 2402
The public is invited to attend and to comment during the meeting.

The Committee Meeting web page has a number of packet documents that provide details of the plans. Click 'Read more' here below to see document descriptions and links.

Agenda - 1 page

Evanston Lakehouse & Garden Presentation; 53 pages. Tom Hodgman is the author.  The presentation has six sectons:
  1.Photo Tour of the Property pages 1-29
  2.The Space – Chris Thomas, Architect starts on page 30
  3. Programming Concepts - Page 37 has a Coach House Cafe concept
  4. Restoration and Operating Budget - $4.5 Mil Rehab
  5. Successful Examples
  6. Questions and Discussion

Aaron Packman NWU; 8 pages. Prof. Aaron Packman is the Director of the Northwestern Center for Water Research. The presentation title is: "North Shore water/sustainability Collaborative education opportunities"  The presentation outlines opportunities for collaborative education projects between  NWU and the Evanston community.

TOA Architecture 24 pages; The title is "Harley Clarke Mansion –Evanston Adaptive Reuse Concepts". This presentation includes photos, existing, adaptive reuse and proposed floor plans for all four floors and the coach house.  Be sure to check out  another Coach House Cafe concept on page 23 ... it will feel like Spring again!