Harley Clarke Committee and 2014 Appraisal

The city has an appraisal from 2014 which should be read by everyone interested in the Lighthouse Landing Parkland and Harley Clarke Mansion. The appraisal is only for the buildings not the land. Although the message from the city is that the building is crumbling and will cost millions and millions of dollars to make it safe. The appraisal restates that code compliance issues are around $250,000 and other costs for tuck pointing and windows are between $75-$125 square foot renovation. 1.4-2.5 million. not the 5-10 millions numbers being tossed around. The most interesting data stated that:

"Based on this analysis, the highest and best use of the subject property is a public cultural, recreation or educational use consistent with the existing zoning." 

Why has our city not made this finding one of the cornerstones of discussions. Hmmm might there be other interests at play.