Light House Landing Park and Mansion Great Investment

Back in 1963 the  city council made a wise decision and invested $255,000 for a 4 acre parcel of lake front land which today would have a market value far in excess what Evanston  afford or  dream to  purchase. All up and down the North Shore, without a doubt,  the most expensive land  sold is on Michigan Shoreline in Illinoi. There are no private commercial ventures on the Ilinois Shoreline which is a concept which has been embraced by our neighbors to the North and South in line with Burnham Plan which is so dynamic and environmentally sound.  Evanston prides itself on it's lake front beach and parks  and would hopefully continue to do so.

The Lighthouse Landing site is one of four parcels on the lakefront which include, 1. The Historic Light House ( Light House Park District) 2.Light House Landing and Harley Clarke (Evanston Park District) 3. Lawson (Light House Park District 4. Noahs Park (Evanston Park District) these parcels form a beautiful natural place for residents and visitors and should be kept it the public domain.

Back in the 1960s The beach was developed and the parkland used and enjoyed  by 10s of 1000s each year. The 1963 city council made a wise investment when they purchased this valuable land to use a public asset . Our Council has the opportunity to make a wise decision an implement a sincere effort make this site a regional model of commitment to public lands and public use.

If the council can approve the expenditure  $315,000 in 2015 to purchase and update the the former Boo Coo  cafe without an end user/ tenant in sight, then they can surely find the funds to preserve our valuable lakefront parkland. The code compliance issues are approximate $250,000-$500,000 depending on which city report one chooses to quote.