Your guide to summer dining hotspots on Central Street

Despite being a hub for great shopping, Central Street is an eating metropolis. Especially in the summertime, many of the local favorites offer extra tables outside. Here are 8 different eateries with outdoor seating to make sure you fit in before the summer comes to an end!

Mustard's Last Stand
Address: 1613 Central St.
What to order: A Jumbo size Chicago dog. With mustard, tomato, onion and pickle you can't go wrong!

Royin Sushi Bar
Address: 1930 Central St.
What to order: Royin's Bento, which is essentially a dinner box complete with soup, salad and sushi.

Address: 1932 Central St.
What to order: The B.C.O. potroast sandwhich with horseradish sauce.

Address: 2545 Prairie Ave.
What to order: Scallops en Poblano, with mushroom, cream sauce and caviar.

Address: 2106 Central St.
What to order: Build your own salad with a wide variety of greens, veggies, meats and cheeses.
Contact: 847-328-7704

Central Street Cafe
Address: 2800 Central St.
What to order: Pork tenderloin with sauteed kale.

Old Neighborhood Grill
Address: 2902 Central St.
What to order: A gyro with a salad and greek potatoes.

Hartigan's Ice Cream Shoppe
Address: 2909 Central St.
What to order: A special sundae concoction!


What fun! Makes me want to take a day off and do a food safari from one end of the street to the other.

Sarkis and Little Island at the West end of Central have outdoor seating, too. I love all of these neighborhood places and how there is something within walking distance for everyone in the Central street area!