Snow parking regulations

Residents are reminded that they should not leave their vehicles parked on the street during winter storms, as it makes snowplowing more difficult and leaves large amounts of snow on the roadway. Click here to see the City of Evanston’s snow parking regulations.

Preparation Tips

The city offers the following tips to stay safe during inclement winter weather:

  • Have safe emergency heating equipment available.
  • Have disaster supplies, such as a flashlight, portable radio, first aid kit and three-day supply of food, available in case the power goes out.
  • Stay indoors and dress warmly.
  • Conserve fuel.
  • If you must go outdoors, dress warmly and wear loose-fitting, layered, lightweight clothing. Watch for signs of frostbite and hypothermia.
  • Remember to help your neighbors who may require special assistance – infants, elderly people and people with disabilities.
  • A full list of tips can be found here.