The Library Survey... Take It..

The Trustees of Evanston Public Library (EPL) appointed a Planning Committee charged with creating a long range plan for Evanston’s Libraries. As part of its data gathering effort the Planning Committee has created an on-line survey. Community members are asked to take five minutes to participate and help chart the course for library services in the future. EPL encourages every member of the household to participate. 
CSNA also encourages all members and their families to take the survey.
The survey can be accessed at the link here or via the library web page at: Hard copies are also available at the Main, North Branch and The Mighty Twig libraries, and at Chandler, Fleetwood-Jourdain, Robert Crown and The Levy Center. The survey ends April 29.
The next meeting of the library board is Wednesday, April 27. CSNA has been alerted that Neighborhood Services will be discussed.
Again: CSNA encourages all members and their families to take the survey. Central Street Neighbors Association has a longstanding position in favor of maintaining and expanding Branch Libraries as integral to the economic vitality of the surrounding business districts and the quality of life in the nearby neighborhoods.

 The context for the survey includes a series of key library related events and decisions which are outlined in this blog post below: 

"Context of the Library Issues"