Increase in car burglaries in our area

In the past few weeks there have been several car burglaries in the 6th Ward. Most of the cars were unlocked and contained items of value -- a camera and photo equipment, wireless headset and designer sunglasses. According to Officer Loyce Spells of the Evanston Police Department if you remove all items of value and lock your vehicles during the early evening/overnight hours, you have a low probability of being burglarized.

If you are planning to travel for the holidays, ask a neighbor to care for your newspapers, as well as fliers and door hangers left by solicitors. Call the Evanston Police non-emergency number to request being on their watch list. During your absence the local patrolling officers will pay special attention to your property. And if you have a security alarm, by all means, use it.

Thank you to the many Neighborhood Watch Groups throughout the Ward. They are providing an exceptionally good network for close watch on our homes and property.

EPD non-emergency number: 847 866-5000