30,881 Books Across Evanston_ Twig-EPLF Volunteers Rock!!

What is one of the things that makes Evanston such a great place to live? THE RESIDENTS. I thinks its number one. We have an incredible body of generous, innovative and resourceful residents who put the actions behind their words.  In the case the words were in books.
The Might Twig-(not quite a branch) located at 900 Chicago Ave. supported by the many volunteers of Evanston Public Library Friends just posted their 1st year numbers.
In just one year The Mighty Twig has had:
33,292 visitors,
7715 computer users, and
3851 toddlers at story time.

703 children have checked out over 10,000 books. Four children have individually borrowed over 250 books each. The leader, Miss Orly, borrowed 348 books. These four children, plus Lori Ogg's classroom at Park School will receive give cards from Barnes and Noble to reward them for being Top Twig readers.

We have distributed 30,881 across Evanston.

We have done this with 5,615.25 volunteer hours.