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Don't Sell Harley Mansion or Lake Front Property

 No Sale of Public Parks and Lake Front Property- Selling the Harley Clarke Mansion and approx 40,000-100,000 sq ft of Lake Front land would be detrimental to Evanston.  Lakefront property is a finite, irreplaceable natural asset that, once gone, cannot be reclaimed.  Evanston must maintain ownership and control of land and properties it owns, especially on and near the lakefront. These are public treasures, once lost, and are gone forever. We should guard and treasure what little lakefront the community owns. The Harley-Clarke Mansion site is no exception.



Monday Oct 1st at YMCA 7:00-Stop the Violence Transformative Discussion

Tonight Oct 1st there is  a community discussion at the YMCA Childcare Center at 1420 Maple 7:00-8:30. The purpose is to come together to discuss how to deal with impact of Dajae Colemans death and how to move forward as a community working to stop the violence. This is collaborative meeting by YMCA, Family Focus, Y.O.U, James Moran Center for Youth,Advocacy Center, Youth Job Center.  
Dear friends,

Central Street Commmunity Shopping Day Nov. 12

Come and Enjoy This Saturday, November 12 on Central Street. Call your Friends and support our local business owners and charities.
Central Street Business Association Presents:
Central Street Community Day
Do you really need an excuse to go shopping on Central Street? If so, here are just a few :)

Sen. Schoenberg/Mayor Tisdahl -Support EPLFriends and Branch Libraries

“Through their amazing and tireless grassroots advocacy, the Friends have clearly demonstrated that there is broad support throughout the community for retaining the branch libraries,” Schoenberg said. ”By working both harder and smarter, we can better align important public services that help give people a fighting chance in confronting the challenges of the Great Recession.” 


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