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Community Animal Control Notice

Please be advised that a feral cat colony has been identified at a specific address located in the 1900 block of Grant St. The Evanston Animal Control Bureau will be conducting an on-going animal control abatement process, focusing on the feral cat population at this address. The propensity does exist for area domestic cats to wander onto this property.

6th ward meeting, Thurs., Feb. 4, 7pm


There will be a 6th Ward meeting to discuss the on-going 2010-2011 budget process:
Thurs., Feb. 4, 2010, 7:00 PM
Three Crowns Park
2323 McDaniel Avenue

The City Manager will be on hand to discuss the City budget.
Agenda will follow


Jan. 12 burglary, unsecured residence

6th Ward break-ins, Mon., Jan. 11


In the last 24 hours, two break-ins were reported in Evanston's 6th Ward. One on Central Park between Golf and Payne and the other in the 3300 block of Payne.
The Central Park residents were home and managed to scare away the intruder. At the burglary on Payne, sometime between noon and midnight, valuables were taken.


Branch libraries and the City budget

I am writing to let you know that while I am committed to finding a fiscally responsible solution to the City's current budget crisis, I am opposed to closing either of Evanston's branch libraries including, of course, the North Branch.

On Tuesday, December 21, Jane Grover (7th Ward Alderman) and I met with Connie Heneghan (the manager of the North and South Branches) and the staff of the North Branch library. We discussed the need to find a way of ensuring the continued operation and viability of the branches, not just this year, but permanently.


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