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Tendam for Alderman coming to a "coffee house" near you

We are happy to announce that we have scheduled ten coffees for the month of March.The locations are throughout the 6th Ward and at various times --weekdays, weekends, afternoons and evenings. Clicking on the map will take you to the calendar of events listing on There you will find additional information for each coffee.

Mark Tendam: My resume of community activity.


Better Existence with HIV (BEHIV) Board 1998 – 2006
Board President 1998 – 2004

Leadership Evanston Steering Committee 2005 – present
Resource Development Chair 2005 – 2006

City of Evanston, Sign Review and Appeals Board 2007 – present

McGaw YMCA Board 2006 – present
McGaw Residence Committee 2006 – present
McGaw Service Board Co-chair 2005 – 2006

Mark Tendam: Why I'm running.

Time has come to change the way we manage our City.

In this time of economic crisis, Evanston and the 6th Ward need strategic leadership. We need a City Council that thinks creatively, works collaboratively and focuses all of its energies on keeping our City safe, secure and vibrant. We must reject the notion that we can limp from budget to budget, line item to line item and elect a Council that is capable of managing the present in a way that ensures our future. We must also plan for the day when the economic crisis allows us to return to a more normal way of life in this city.

Tendam for Alderman kicks off on Jan. 15

Dear Sixth Ward Residents and All of Evanston,

I am running for Sixth Ward Alderman and I am asking for your support. I am excited about the upcoming campaign and the chance that we all have to reshape our City Council on April 7, 2009.


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