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Tendam for Alderman

I have been fortunate to serve as the 6th Ward Alderman myself, as well as two terms as Mayor of Evanston, so I know what it takes to handle this job. That’s why I believe Mark is the best-qualified candidate.

– Jay Lytle
I got to know Mark during his many years as Board Chair of BEHIV. I have always been impressed by his problem-solving abilities and his tireless efforts to find common ground and build consensus. Mark will provide extraordinary leadership for Evanston’s 6th Ward. I hope you will vote “Tendam for Alderman” on April 7.

– Jan Schakowsky

Dick Peach: I am proud to support Mark Tendam

I believe that Mark Tendam will make an outstanding 6th Ward Alderman and member of the City Council. As a businessman and community activist, I have worked with Mark in a number of capacities over the years.

Tendam: Why being a full time alderman matters


For the 6th Ward I will…

  • establish regular office hours
  • solicit and listen to your views before expressing my own in the Council chamber
  • draw upon my experience and personal network to get things done for you

 For the entire City I will…

Tendam for Alderman



Events for the coming week 

COFFEE: Erika Erhart and Randi Bellios
COFFEE: Hal and Patty Sprague
COFFEE: Francine and Michael Allens
COFFEE: Kimberly and Adam Krumholz
more information...
COFFEE: Erika Erhart and Randi Bellios
When:   Wed, March 18, 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Grace period registration and early voting

For those planning to be out of town on Election Day (spring break), Early Voting begins March 16 and runs through April 2 at the Evanston Civic Center and it includes some Saturday hours. For those not currently registered to vote, Grace Period Registration and Voting begins March 11.


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