Christopher Hart Web Site Launch

It is with excitement that we inform you of our campaign web site launch – you can access it at

City Planning and Economic Development: Four immediate actions

The Master Plans of the City of Evanston are meant to reflect collaborative planning with citizens, businesses and institutions -  a concept integral to the City’s culture.

Another Illegal Meeting by City Council members against the public interest!

On Thursday Feb.12th the City Council members went on a tour of the Evanston Water Plant the notice was posted on the City web site,
On Wednesday Feb 11th I called the water plant and asked where I could park when I would come on the tour, given this was a meeting all council members were attending I viewed it open to the public under the open meetings act.

City Budget: Six immediate actions the incoming Council must take

The current City Council has approved a budget that projects a small General Fund surplus without a property tax increase.

But getting there required actions that will dominate the agenda of the Council to be elected on April 7th:

Mark Tendam: My resume of community activity.


Better Existence with HIV (BEHIV) Board 1998 – 2006
Board President 1998 – 2004

Leadership Evanston Steering Committee 2005 – present
Resource Development Chair 2005 – 2006

City of Evanston, Sign Review and Appeals Board 2007 – present

McGaw YMCA Board 2006 – present
McGaw Residence Committee 2006 – present
McGaw Service Board Co-chair 2005 – 2006


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