Stop the Rush for Demo of Harley Clarke? Mon. July 23 7:00 City Council-Come show your support

The Demolition cost will be more than the $400,000 offered by the Dunes group.
If the Supporters who want to raise fund to renovate and operate the building give the $15,000 a year the city said it cost to maintain the property -let them have time to show they create a place on the lakefront for all-and NOT funded by the taxpayers.- Unlike the $56,000,000 Robert Crown Project.

Canal Shores Announces Award

Canal Shores Ecological Restoration Efforts Honored by Friends of the Chicago River

Canal Shores Golf Course received the 2018 Silver Ribbon Award from the Friends of the Chicago River for its ecological restoration work that aids in the improvement of the Chicago River system. Chris Carey, president of the Evanston Wilmette Golf Course Association, and Steve Neumann, chair of the Grounds Committee, accepted the award at the Friends’ annual gala earlier this month.

City of Evanston Budget Survey - Your opinion matters. Deadline is June 7

The City faces a budget shortfall and is asking for citizen input to set priorities.

The City of Evanston is asking community members to provide their input on City programs and services for the 2019 fiscal year by completing a Priority-based Budget survey. The survey, which asks community members to rank 46 programs and services, is available online at Printed copies will be available at Evanston Public Library locations and community centers on Friday, May 11. The survey deadline is Thursday, June 7, 2018.

Learn more at this site and complete the online survey:

Harley Clarke Update

The City Council voted last month to reject the lease with the Evanston Lakehouse and Gardens non profit group.Since then, a proposal has been brought forward to demolish the mansion. A vote on that will be taken by Council on June 18.

Residents on all sides of the issue have been vocal.

CSNA has been firm in its support for the Lakehouse proposal and opposed to demolition of this landmark.

Be informed!

A number of sites offer background information on the history of the issues surrounding Harley Clarke and can be found at the following links:

New landing site at Ryan Field for medical helicopters - test landing at Ryan Field on Tuesday, June 12

Please see this message from the Evanston Fire Department:

For at least the last 25 years, the designated landing site for emergency medical helicopters has been the northeast portion of the City of Evanston Water Treatment Facility located at 555 Lincoln Street. Typically, medical transport helicopters from private ambulance companies or hospitals landed there about four times per year in total to conduct specialized medical transports to/from both St. Francis and Evanston Hospitals.

Due to ongoing and planned construction at the Water Treatment Facility, that site has been closed and, in collaboration with Northwestern University and Superior Ambulance Company, the City has established, through an MOU, an alternate landing site at Ryan Field. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, this temporary site will be used until February 2020. At that time the need and location for a permanent landing site will be re-evaluated.

Weather permitting, a test run of this new landing site will occur on Tuesday, June 12th at 9:00 a.m. At that time, a medical transport helicopter from Superior Ambulance will perform a practice landing at Ryan Field, with representatives from Northwestern University and the Evanston Fire Department on hand to evaluate any operational and safety considerations. If all goes well at the test run, Superior Ambulance would be allowed to use the new site going forward until 2020. Please be advised that if Ryan Field is being used for any particular large-scale activity (e.g., commencement, football games, etc.) the site would not be available for landings, as determined by NU.


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