Mayoral Candidate Forum Invitation

Here's how to attend the Central Street Neighbors Mayoral Candidate Forum starting tonight at 7:00 PM CST (Thursday, January 7, 2021).

This will be presented virtually, as a Zoom "webinar". If you have the Zoom app, use

Webinar ID: 947 5872 1908
Passcode: 022321

Mayoral Candidate Zoom Forum Thursday, 1/7/2021 7:00 PM

If you are anticipating a post-election let-down after January 20th   ... there is hope.  Evanston will have a primary municipal election on Tuesday, February 23, 2021.

Accordingly, Central Street Neighbors Association is sponsorinhg an Evanston Mayoral Candidate Forum on Thursday, January 7th at 7:00 PM via a Zoom Webinar.

All three Mayoral candidates have accepted the invitation to be panelists.  Campaign web page links are here below:

Who is running for what office in Evanston's 2021 Municipal Election

If you have left over energy from watching the ongoing 2020 Presidential Election ... you are in luck.  There is an Evanston Municipal Election coming Tuesday, April 6, 2021.  As the number of candidates filing to run continues to grow ... this promises to be a competitive contest.  And it look certain there will be a primary Tuesday, February 23. 

Write in Candidates:


City Manager Selection Process Fails Residents


Last night, Oct. 19th, 2020 The Evanston City council selected the new city manager in spite of the calls from the public have a more transparent process and community input as was promised early in the year. 

The Alliance for a Better Government, an Evanston group striving to shine a light on our Evanston Process's which habitually bypass real public involvement, and lack transparency wrote the letter below.  The decision to select the interim manager was decided within hours after the public had the opportunity to hear the interviews with the 3 candidates which HR.Gov had whittled down from 70 applications. You can watch the City Manager Candidate Forum here:

The residents never had time to give their alderpeople their residents input as far as what they felt were the pros and cons of each candidate because, after the forum, the council went into executive session and made their decision. 

Below is a letter from The Community Alliance for Better Government (Read more)


Sorting out the judges ...

In every primary and general election it seems voters are presented with a long list of judges up for retention or competeing for a vacancy.

In the past ... newspapers printed guidelines ... bar asociations published recommendations ... voters clipped the articles, assembled the bar association recommendations and head to the polls. Some would assemble handwritten hit lists of either who to vote for or against. However, for many, long minutes were spent in voting booth matching newsprint articles, recommendations; handwritten lists and the names on the ballotts.

Now, newspaper articles are behind paywalls and without a subscription you are out of luck ... bar associations have poliferated as have their recommendations ... no one makes paper lists ...and the list of judges is not getting shorter.

Fortunately one on-line organization has made an effort to sort throuh this maze:

Here you can find a lot of information including:

The summary recommendations of the 12 bar associations that jointly evaluate judges and make separate recommendations:

The recommendations of the Chicago Bar Association which conducts it's own, separate and highly regarded evaluations:

These two pretty much cover the subject.

For those who want to explore further there are the evaluation narratives of two organizations that participate in the Alliance of Bar Associations evaluations ... and the grid of the 12 Alliance Associatioins individual evaluations:

But, whether judges are your thing or not, remember to do one thing on November 3rd ...




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