More Is Not Always Better

No one can argue with the fact that downtown Evanston now is more vibrant than that of 20 or 30 years ago. Or, at least, I certainly won't. I remember all too well when the food options consisted of The Gold Coin v. Jim's Char-Broil, and the sidewalks rolled up at 5:00. I enjoy having the movie theaters, the coffeeshops, the two large bookstores (and the fact that Bookman's Alley survives), a variety of dining choices.

But I'm sick of hearing the sounds of that dead horse being beaten.



708 Church Tower

Planning v. Development

The following was originally prepared for presentation to the Planning & Development Committee on Mon., Mar. 17, with respect to the proposed 49-story tower at 708 Church St. (click pic at right to see larger image), which most agree would be the biggest potential change to our downtown in years.

Two New Restaurants Add Flavor to Central Street

Central Street, among those who know, is already a destination for foodies. The cognoscenti, from gourmets to gnoshers, flock daily and especially on weekends to Great Harvest, Bluestone, The Spice House, Pinto, Jacky's Bistro, Jilly's, and Foodstuffs, among others.


Ald. Moran to Discuss Tower with Neighbors This Sunday

Nancy & Jeff Smith will host a meeting with 6th Ward Alderman Eb Moran on Sunday, Mar. 2, from noon until 2:00pm, at which residents will have an opportunity to discuss the proposed 49-story skyscraper at 708 Church St. downtown. CSNA members and 6th Ward residents are invited to attend. Please RSVP if you plan to come.


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