Harley Clarke Referendum Approved by 80% - Council votes 9-0 to halt action to demolish historic mansion

After many twists and turns there have been several developments on Harley Clarke. The result is that Harley Clarke will not be demolished. 

After the Council voted earlier in the year to enter into talks to demolish the mansion and negotiiate with the Lakefront Dunes group, in October the City’s Preservation Commission unanimously denied the City’s application for a Certificate or Appropriateness to demolish the building. The City automatically appealed that decision.

MWRD Votes to Grant Easement

The Commissioners of the Board of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago voted 5-4 on Nov. 15 to grant an easement across Canal Shores Golf  Course at the 10th Hole for access to property owned by the Keefe Family Trust. This property is just north of Isabella Woods.

There are many steps to be taken by a number of governing bodies before any roadway is built. CSNA will continue to monitor.

To learn more about the easement and its history, visit the website for Canal Shores at www.canalshores.org.


MWRD Defers action on road easement through Canal Shores to Nov. 15

On Nov. 1, the MWRD Commissioners deferred action on the Keefe Family Trust request for an easement to build a road at taxpayer expense to the Keefe property adjacent to Golf Terrace, Isabella Woods and along the 10th hole of Canal Shores Golf Course. It was clear that the votes to oppose the road were not there on the 1st. 

Natural Habitat Evanston Meeting on Nov 13

On Tuesday, Nov. 13 Natural Habitat Evanston will hold a meeting

from 6:30 -8 p.m. at the Lorraine Morton Civic Center, Parasol Room (4th floor). 

On the agenda is a discussion of the Keefe Road easement request through Canal Shores Golf Course on the 10th Hole. 

This meeting is two days before the MWRD meeting - Nov. 15 - at which timea final vote on the road easement is expected.


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