708 Church Tower Developers Seek Time to Revamp Proposal

Apparently realizing they did not have the necessary six votes to gain Planning and Development, and thus City Council, approval for zoning map and text amendments necessary to proceed with their project, the developers of the proposed 49-story skyscraper on the site of the present 708 Church St. building asked that the ordinance changes be taken off the committee's agenda at the Mar. 24 meeting.

Citgo Site Proposal In Works

Developers of the current Citgo gas station site at Crawford & Central reportedly will present their concept to Design Evanston on Thursday, March 27. DE is a group of architects who, among other things, are willing to meet with developers and give feedback before a development group makes a presentation to the City's Site Plan and Appearance Review Committee.

Meeting with New Library Director Apr. 24

Ald. Liz Tisdahl (7th) has organized a 7th Ward Meeting on Thursday, April 24, from 7-9 pm, at the Civic Center, 2100 Ridge. The new Evanston Public Library Director, Mary Johns, will speak and answer questions. This is an opportunity for those concerned about the branch libraries to communicate to Ms. Johns their importance to Evanston. Although Ald. Tisdahl put together the meeting, she has advised that CSNA members and residents who use the North Branch are more than welcome to attend.


Serve Evanston, Build Something Great

I'm in the "Serve Evanston, Build Something Great at Fountain Square, Just Not so Tall" group. I suspect there are more of us out there who are well-informed and interested and don't consider ourselves in opposition to the development proposal for 708 Church. There's just no yard sign slogan that expresses positive ambivalence about it.

More Is Not Always Better

No one can argue with the fact that downtown Evanston now is more vibrant than that of 20 or 30 years ago. Or, at least, I certainly won't. I remember all too well when the food options consisted of The Gold Coin v. Jim's Char-Broil, and the sidewalks rolled up at 5:00. I enjoy having the movie theaters, the coffeeshops, the two large bookstores (and the fact that Bookman's Alley survives), a variety of dining choices.

But I'm sick of hearing the sounds of that dead horse being beaten.


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